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Better be king of the world

In this centennial year of the sinking of the Titanic, it is interesting to note the similarity with today’s titanic health care problems. As the ship sunk beneath the waves, 60 percent of those in first class found survival in the lifeboats while less than 25 percent of those in third class survived. Nobody today would find it acceptable that the cost of a ticket bestowed one space in a lifeboat, but basically it did.

As we engage in today’s heated debate on health care, we should look to that day. As long as you have the money and can buy a seat in the first-class section of our health care system, you have a good chance to survive the icy waters. If you are struggling along, riding in steerage with your third-class ticket, you’d best hope you can fight your way through the mob to find a spot in the lifeboats.

You’d best hope that you can get past the authorities that are trying to keep you locked in your place below decks. You’d best hope you don’t find yourself sliding beneath the waves because it isn’t affordable to keep you alive.

Pat Driscoll



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