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Sun., April 29, 2012, midnight

Leaders showed no courage

How is it possible that affirming our city’s commitment to equal rights for all Spokane citizens is not worthy of our city leaders’ consideration? Three hundred citizens and five hours of testimony earned a 4-3 vote by City Council members saying “thanks but no thanks” to taking a stand on the Marriage Equality Resolution.

Councilpersons Mike Fagan, Nancy McLaughlin, Mike Allen and Steve Salvatori chose the politically expedient and cowardly route, tabling the resolution indefinitely. They seemingly took their cue from people threatening everything from a God curse to a gay communist takeover plot.

Allen indicated equality was a partisan issue, and as a “nonpartisan” representative he couldn’t comment. I wonder which party he thinks is against equality. Fagan doesn’t think the city is in the equality business at all. Maybe he thinks the good old Jim Crow days worked. Let’s install some “straight only” toilets at City Hall, OK?

Poor Salvatori just hemmed and hawed, finally spitting out a “What he said.” McLaughlin said she loved her gay hairdresser but, hey, no equal rights for him. She is running for state senator after all.

All in all, it was a disappointing, embarrassing evening for the city of Spokane.

Linda McHenry


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