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Marriage backlash is toxic

Sam Watt, “Editorial choice odd,” April 25, seems to be an expert on the Roman Catholic Church and “its teachings against homosexual conduct.” Well, what exactly is the “Roman Catholic Church”? The curia in Rome? The pope? Because if it is primarily the local faith community in its acts of faith, hope and love, I have a hard time noticing any teachings against homosexual conduct.

And there is no need for theological analysis. People with a certain level of intelligence and knowledge, balanced personalities and a normal level of self-confidence do not feel threatened by anybody who is different.

Statements a la “Homosexual marriages will destroy the institution of marriage” or “God is against homosexual marriages” say much more about the people who utter them than about homosexuality. We have to stand by our homosexual friends not just because it is fair, and granting them marriage is reasonable, but because homophobic initiatives like Referendum 74 make the air toxic for all of us.

Peter C. Dolina



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