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Society getting freer

Sue Bruscia (April 14) confuses a theocracy with a democracy.

Through American history, there has been a societal move toward a “more perfect union,” not a more perfect religion. In the past, it was considered by some religions that it should be unlawful for women to be allowed to preach. It was also considered that it should be illegal for persons of different races to marry, or for people of a different race or gender to be allowed to vote, or, indeed, even to be considered human. These were justified through religious reasons.

Such backward ideas have changed by hewing to the principles that all men, as well as women, are equal in that they are, by natural right, free to pursue their lives as they see fit, absent harm to another.

While you may express opinions about another’s actions or ideas, you may not hinder their pursuit of those ideas or freedoms unless they harm you. This is the definition of a free society. In a free society, since gay marriage does you no harm, you have not the right to legislate against it.

If you partake of the gift of freedom, it’s required that you allow others their own.

Joe Lang



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