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Sun., April 29, 2012

Did you pay attention to the news last week? Here’s your chance to find out how well, with the print version of our weekly quiz. You can also try the online version at www.spokesman. com/newsquiz, and compete for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the Davenport Hotel or tickets to see the Spokane Shock.

1. The city of Spokane announced it is reducing some rates for

A. Garbage

B. Parking meters

C. Water

D. Sewer

E. Can’t fool me. City rates never go down; they only go up.

2. The U.N. is trying to stop an all-out war between Sudan and

A. North Sudan

B. South Sudan

C. East Sudan

D. West Sudan

E. Eritrea

3. The Spokane School District, the second-largest district in the state, is giving new Superintendent Shelley Redinger $17,000 more than her predecessor, which means the district will go from having the 19th-highest paid superintendent in Washington to the

A. Second-highest paid

B. Sixth-highest paid

C. 10th-highest paid

D. 13th-highest paid

E. 17th-highest paid

4. Federal officials discovered the first U.S. case of BSE since 2006 in California last week. BSE is more commonly known as

A. Leprosy

B. Polio

C. Smallpox

D. Tuberculosis

E. Mad cow disease

5. The Seattle Mariners were on the losing end of a perfect game thrown by Chicago White Sox pitcher Philip Humber. Counting that one, how many perfect games have been thrown in the history of Major League Baseball?

A. 6

B. 13

C. 18

D. 21

E. 27

Check your work

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