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Mon., April 30, 2012


GU is using Tutu

I appreciate that The Spokesman-Review and reporter Jody Lawrence-Turner brought the issue that Gonzaga University is inviting Desmond Tutu to speak at the GU graduation to the forefront. It is nothing more than a marketing tool to bring GU into the spotlight, to hopefully garner more notice and consequently higher enrollment.

Shame on the university’s staff for using Tutu in that way. And for touting it as a social justice issue. It is not. Tutu has done some remarkable things, but not all are true social justice truths. Thanks to Pat Kirby for speaking out and standing by true Catholic teaching.

Society does not have to believe in Catholic teachings. That is true religious freedom. But the spin that GU would have the world believe is that we Catholics have to believe in Tutu’s beliefs in social justice.

Thanks to you to Kirby and The Spokesman-Review.

Mary Rochon


VA clinic merits support

After reading the article on Veterans Administration mental health care I wanted to write in support of the help the Spokane VA Mental Health care facility gives vets. The Spokane facility is doing its best with what they have. I see them working very hard, from the person answering the phone, doctors and, most of all, the counselors they have.

If it were not for their help, I know there would be many more veteran casualties. They are under-staffed, and I think that it is the leadership that is causing the problem. The people there are dedicated in their work and that shows in their treatment and success stories that we do not hear about.

The higher-ups knew there would be a tremendous influx of vets from the current and past wars using all the VA facilities, and they sat on their hands. Just like our Congress does on issues that affect common folks. Yes, Sen. Patty Murray heads the VA Committee and does a pretty good job, but she also must have known that the dam was going to break, did not see it coming, and should have.

Leadership is when we think into the future and stand up to make the needed changes beforehand, even if it is not popular with voters. All our vets need their support and yours.

Dwight Ike Bailey


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