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Fri., Aug. 3, 2012

Diet of violence causes problems

For nearly 60 years we have been subjected to a continuous flow of hate, filth and evil thanks to the entertainment industry, music, videos, internet, movies, computer games, etc.

And, we can’t allow the news media off the hook. It seems they can’t air enough blood and gore. How often have you seen or heard “the following may be offensive to some people.” If it’s that bad a scene, then it shouldn’t be shown on TV, video, movies. With printed news, a person can come to their own conclusion and own mental view of what took place. That’s all that’s necessary. We don’t need hour after hour, day after day of reruns of the blood, gore and some person reporting their description of what took place. So what should we expect from persons fed a daily diet of such garbage?

The anti-gun supporters and their ilk will be out in force following the recent tragedy, denouncing individual weapons ownership. They would like nothing better than to follow the proposed United Nations rule to eliminate world weapons ownership. The better for rogue leaders to take over their flock and simply eliminate those who don’t follow the rules.

George Britton


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