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Sat., Aug. 4, 2012

Billig works for you

In my years as Spokane County commissioner, I had the good fortune to work with Andy Billig. Andy is an able legislator, with the best interest of his community always front and center. In his first year in the House, he sponsored and successfully passed important legislation to protect the water quality in the Spokane River; no small feat for a first-year representative and a prime example of his ability to unite both parties for workable solutions.

Before being elected to the House, he was a successful small-business owner; now he is taking his considerable experience and putting it to work for us.

Spokane is so fortunate to have Andy Billig step up to run for Sen. Lisa Brown’s open seat. There is no one so well-suited to fill her very big shoes. His rare combination of the very best qualities – intelligence, sincerity and tirelessness – will continue to provide the kind of community-focused leadership in the Senate that he did in the House, leadership that is critical in these tough economic times. Your vote for Andy Billig is a vote you can count on to pay off for Spokane’s citizens.

Bonnie Mager


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