August 4, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

School needs overhaul


Winton Elementary provides an atmosphere for children to learn and thrive in. But their surroundings require a major overhaul. Walking through the 80-year-old building is like stepping back in time. Floors creak in dimly lit, musty-smelling hallways that need more than caulk, paint, ventilation, or another portable.

It is worth a voter’s time to drive by Winton to see each foundation crack filled as the best repair option available. The boiler room is a scene from a horror movie, and unsafe to access. You get flashbacks of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Classrooms are clustered together with outside access, but an invisible hallway goes through each, causing disturbances not conducive to learning.

This bond is a must, not a want. I understand the perception of the bonds affecting property taxes within our community, especially during tough economic times. The upcoming bond(s) replace retiring levies, making the transition of the two seamless and unnoticeable. A yes vote from our community means a safer environment for teachers to work in, and students to learn in. New construction brings jobs to individuals, businesses, the city, the county and state. How can this be seen as anything less than positive for our entire community?

Kelley Woodard

Coeur d’Alene

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