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Chief concerns about Condon

I am not a Ph.D. or a rocket scientist, and my memory is not so great anymore. I thought I read in the paper that Mayor David Condon invited Frank Straub to apply for Spokane chief of police. Also, I thought he resigned his last position over some problem or problems.

Why wouldn’t the mayor take the advice of the law enforcement panel, which seems to be very qualified, to restart the search for police chief?

But the kicker is, Straub and Mahoney must complete training through the Washington State Training Commission in order to be police chief. Straub has never been a police officer or graduated from a police academy. He would need to complete the five-month police academy in Burien, Wash. Would that be an education and five months without working at the expense of the Spokane taxpayers?

Now Condon, City Administrator Theresa Sanders and City Attorney Nancy Isserlis are going to visit San Francisco and Indianapolis to check them out. I would like to see my tax dollars spent restarting the search rather than send those three on a wild goose chase.

Rose Kelling



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