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Clark bullies Shea

“You probably had to be there to know exactly who did what and to whom.” So, columnist Doug Clark doesn’t know what really happened. But he mocks 4th Legislative District Rep. Matt Shea (July 24). It reminds me of a schoolyard bully who just doesn’t like you. Perhaps he doesn’t like Shea’s politics/worldview since Shea is a politician who has genuinely come out.

And does Clark seriously think that only “a handful of people could tell you who the heck Matt Shea is and what office he holds? And those would be Shea’s relatives.” Really, no one recognizes Shea whose picture I see in mailings and who speaks to groups all over Spokane County?

Clark also didn’t give the account of the motorist who first encountered the wild drive and called police (July 22). Cars are killing weapons in the hands of angry or drunken drivers. Personally, I like responsible people who will pull out a gun to possibly protect themselves or others.

Here is my biggest question: Why did The Spokesman-Review wait until election season to roll this story out? It happened last November. Just curious.

Suzanne Nyberg



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