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Sun., Aug. 5, 2012

Cowan is impressive

This is a momentous year for our country and our region. I highly encourage everyone eligible to ensure they are registered to vote and then take the time to read and discuss the issues and the candidates. Look at candidates who have been able to work with people and groups of different ideas and positions.

I believe that one such candidate is Rich Cowan. Take some time to look at what he has done in our district as a private individual. From nothing, he created a film production company in – not Hollywood, or even Seattle – but Spokane. His company created jobs within our area in an extremely unique profession. In other areas, he is an Eagle Scout, Rotary Club speaker and is on the Community College Vocational Advisory Council.

Before voting this year, I urge you to take a few moments and read Cowan’s biography online or in our voter’s pamphlet. When voting, pick the person who works with people of different viewpoints, who has actually worked to create jobs, who has raised their family locally, and who demonstrates what they stand for with their choices in life. Rich Cowan is the one to represent us.

Mike Lariviere

Addy, Wash.

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