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Wed., Aug. 8, 2012

Reform is truly positive

Rob Leach (July 30) says that Obamacare (actually the Affordable Health Care Act) has nothing to do with health care! He’s worried about government control. He says that if the government deems you are doing risky behavior “then you will be denied access to care or fined for your actions.” Where did he get this info?

Please, take the time to read the truth: law/index.html. I hope that one day all folks in this country will be able to afford minimal health care. If you choose not to pay for health care, then, yes, you are putting yourself at risk and then should pay a bit to help out if you do get hurt or sick. The rest of us responsible adults will be happy to pay for their care but it’s got to be affordable.

Currently, I am uninsured because to get any kind of insurance for me at 62 will cost me almost half of my Social Security. That is not affordable. Please educate yourself and stop listening to the deceiving talking heads. I’m sure if you really understood what is at stake you would be voting for it. Peace and health to all.

Mary Naber


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