August 8, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Self-defense is defensible


Everyone with any normal sense of empathy feels terrible about the recent shootings in Aurora, Colo. Amy Goodman rants about how to limit the public’s access to particular firearms as a possible preventative measure to avoid future similar episodes. All the measures she cites have been tried, to no avail. Many of us recognize that, just as in every other circumstance, you are your own best advocate. This is why we believe in defending ourselves.

While it remains impossible to predict human behavior in all instances, I believe it’s time to accept that control of others is beyond even government and to encourage self-reliance. This is not vigilantism, it is prudence, and what many of us believe is the only practical protection.

If government wants to help, a campaign should be started to support training of individuals in self-defense skills instead of making another attempt to ensure law-abiding citizens will abide by even more laws. We aren’t the problem. In this way, we can take the very best approach to minimizing the damage when another wacko tries to destroy innocent people.

Tedd Snodgrass

Nine Mile Falls

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