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Freedom buckled up

Rob Leach (July 30) is dead-on assessing not only the sinister agenda behind Obamacare, but all liberal tricks to strip us of our liberties.

Seat belt laws are high on my list, if you ask me to name direct threats to my own freedom. Hey, losers, I have insurance, so when I go through my windshield it’s on me, not Uncle Sugar! (Don’t mention the EMT jobs I create to pick me out of the windshield. Plus, they probably enjoy it, why else would they take that job?) And, what’s more onerous than having to reach over, pull that belt all the way across my belly, and snap it into that tiny slot? It takes away valuable seconds of my freedom time, and it’s suspiciously uncomfortable, almost like it restricts my freedom of movement. Hey! (Speaking of suspicious, if you rearrange the letters in “seat belt” it almost spells “blue state.”)

Well, back to Fox News so I know which talking points to regurgitate tomorrow. Remember, Republicans never limit your freedom – except a woman’s right to choose, and who marries whom. But, other than that – yo! – we’re all about the freedoms!

Rich Williams



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