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SCRAPS logical choice for animal control

In the Aug. 4 Valley Voice, I learned that the city of Spokane Valley is considering using the Spokane-based SpokAnimal for animal control. I actually had to read the article twice because I could not believe this was even an idea that our Valley leaders came up with.

SCRAPS has done animal control for the Spokane Valley since we incorporated and I can never once remember there being an issue with their service. Public safety is one of the top priorities for goverment and I would say SCRAPS exceeds the expectations set. Why gamble with public safety when you have a known entity that has a long history of doing an exceptional job?

Secondly, why would the city of Spokane Valley contract with a business not located in the Valley? SCRAPS is located in the Valley. I am guessing they do business with Valley businesses. I am sure the staff supports Valley businesses. Also, my understanding is they are looking to purchase a building in the Valley and stay in the Valley. I would bet that SpokAnimal doesn’t spend a dime in the Valley.

My tax money would be going to help support the city of Spokane. I voted for incorporation so that would not happen.

Emily Faylor

Spokane Valley