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Cowan will listen

In my capacity as a birth mother to a daughter I placed for adoption nearly three years ago, I have had the pleasure of meeting Rich Cowan on a few occasions during the Democratic caucus process over the preceding months. During these times, I’ve had the opportunity to discuss adoption-related legislation that would benefit all involved. Cowan, despite his busy schedule, took the time to honestly listen to me and was an active participant in our conversations. He seemed aghast that I was met with nothing but roadblocks in my attempts to discuss these very same issues with Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, advising me that, first and foremost, a member of Congress’ first duty is to support the constituents.

He went on to say that a resident should have access to their member of Congress to discuss matters of importance to them, and this is something I honestly believe he will do. I’ve met quite a bit of politicians running for office in my lifetime, and he doesn’t come across as one. He’s got a good heart. He genuinely cares about the citizens of Eastern Washington. He will listen to you. He’ll fight for you. Vote Rich Cowan for Congress!

Jeni Steeber



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