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Improve these old schools

As a parent of current students at Sorensen Magnet School, I too feel the upcoming bond levy should pass with our full support. I believe our children deserve to attend school in adequate, safe and healthy facilities.

Sorensen has fabulous teachers and staff but is a poor environment for learning. Although our students have top scores, excel in their activities and continue to impress the community with their talents, they must do it in spite of the school building where they spend their time.

The most obvious problem is the ancient radiator heat system. Besides taking up half a wall of space and being hot to the touch, classrooms are either 85 or 60 degrees, rarely in between.

Our children wear coats to stay warm and then requested to bring in portable fans from home to keep their classrooms cool in the fall and spring sun. Most adults would not tolerate this “working environment” in their jobs, so why force it on our children?

Please vote yes in support of our school bond levy Aug. 28.

Shawna Heuer

Coeur d’Alene


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