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Sun., Aug. 12, 2012

Need reasonable gun control

As usual in the aftermath of yet another plague of horrific shootings, those who oppose any form of discussion about possible limits to the Second Amendment indignantly cry foul.

For those who claim “all that was needed was more gun ownership” in places like Aurora, Colo., shall we consider the facts? Would gun-toting citizens have somehow “heroically” saved the day in a dark theater when a man dressed in black with body armor tossed smoke bombs into the audience before unleashing his deadly assault without injuring, maiming or killing even more people in the crossfire?

Lost in the tumult and shouting matches is the real question of what purpose private ownership of military assault weapons or large magazines of ammunition for such weapons should have in a civilized society? Our failure to have this discussion reflects poorly on us and speaks legions to the dark, fear-ridden, conspiratorial and odious control organizations like the National Rifle Association hold over a small but loud faction of our citizenry and craven elected officials who march lockstep to its drumbeat.

Tom Webb


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