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Preserve the penny drive

My granddaughter has Down syndrome and attends the Spokane Guild School & Neuromuscular Center, where she has received the most incredible therapy and care.

The proposed vehicle interference (panhandling) ordinance being considered by the Spokane City Council could devastate The Guild School’s annual Kids for Kids Penny Drive if the council does not maintain the current provision that allows agencies like the Guild School to apply for a one-day fundraising permit.

The ordinance would prevent volunteers from collecting funds at intersections during the Penny Drive. This would be a devastating blow to the annual fundraising for the school. The Penny Drive is a major event to raise funds and raise awareness to the needs for infant and toddler early intervention.

Please do not penalize our most vulnerable children to stop panhandling. Please keep the permit process in place. Please contact your City Council member and ask for the one-day permit to be saved in order to help our children.

Yvonne Buzby



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