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MONDAY, AUG. 13, 2012

Stifling critical thinking

Well it’s about time the Coeur d’Alene school board came to their senses and put a stop to that devil worshiping International Baccalaureate Program. After all anything that tries to teach critical thinking – or, in simpler terms, thinking for yourself – must be stomped out at all cost.

I cannot believe that teachers had the audacity to give kids the tools to problem-solve on their own. Why is the school board stopping at the IB program? It needs to get rid of any and all advanced learning; in fact, it should just burn all books and issue each kid a shovel, take them out to the football field and teach them to dig ditches. After all, this is what the righteous right seems to want. Just make everyone a god-fearing drone.

By the way the IB program doesn’t teach liberalism. That is just the direction people seem to go when they stop being sheep and start to think.

Michael Teague

Coeur d’Alene

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