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Tue., Aug. 14, 2012

Online can be smart choice

Re: Shawn Vestal’s piece, “Education fails when schools profit.” Vestal fails to mention the students who benefit greatly from online public school options.

In fact, many of the 154 seniors who graduated from Idaho Virtual Academy in June will attend top colleges and universities across the country, serve in the military, or join the workforce. These students have the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century. As many colleges and universities turn to online learning to educate their students, IDVA graduates will be ahead of the curve.

Online public schools are not for everyone. However, this model of instruction meets the needs of thousands of children, and even allows advanced students to work beyond their grade level. Many online students graduate from high school with college credits, putting them even more ahead of the curve when they enter college.

Those that speak against school options are only interested in protecting the status quo, not in what is best for students, parents and families. No two children learn the exact same way. It is imperative parents have a choice in how to educate their children, and we can’t let senseless mudslinging get in the way of our right to choose.

Renee McKenzie

President, Coalition of Idaho Charter School Families


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