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TUESDAY, AUG. 14, 2012

Why did incumbents win?

The economy is in a shambles, unemployment registering at 8.3 percent (real numbers show 14 percent to 16 percent), 361,000 new applications for unemployment insurance this week, $16 trillion in debt with $20 trillion forecasted, record foreclosures, food stamp parties, Spokane businesses closing every day, and “It’s a big day for incumbents”?

Are we out of our mind? Who do you think got us into this mess? These so-called incumbents do absolutely nothing for us, for heaven’s sake. They can’t even vote for English as the language of America.

All these people do is toe their party line regardless of the consequences affecting us and show zero independent thinking. They should be recalled, not re-elected.

Why would the good people of Washington want to continue down this same old road, especially with the vast array of new people to choose from who have fresh ideas and idealistically really do want to represent their neighbor?

John Esco

Liberty Lake

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