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Sat., Aug. 18, 2012

Kudos for bench art

I would like to comment on the hype around the pyramid construction in the parks here in Spokane. My niece contacted me from Denver asking if I had personally seen any of the artwork that has been taking place here. Sadly, I have missed all sightings.

We’ve made it “big” for something unique and creative and non-threatening. You go, kids! The article in the paper complaining of how much it is costing the city is minor when compared to all the things these people could be getting into. They could be breaking and entering, stealing to support a drug habit, assaulting another human being or sitting in jail costing us a lot more than $500.

This is quite the cool prank and is not hurting anyone (thus far) and is highly ingenious. I am sure the city will find a way to press charges should any one of these inventive persons be identified so they can get their money back for taking them down.

I say, kudos. Thanks for being willing to take a risk and invent these creations to put a positive spin on Spokane for the world to see.

Debora Schilling


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