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Sat., Aug. 18, 2012

National debt linked to Bush

Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ campaign commercial begins, “Our children will inherit more debt than any generation in American history.” We all share that worry.

But, remember the year 2000? The national debt was $5.5 trillion and falling. We had a balanced budget and a good economy. It was the perfect opportunity to address several long-term problems.

Instead, by the summer of 2008 we could project trillion dollar annual deficits for years to come regardless of who won, Obama or McCain.

Leaders in the insurance and banking industry sold us out, supported by friendly deregulation. George Bush chose not to raise funds for two wars, a first in our history. He pushed a Medicare drug bill favoring drug companies with no plan to pay for it. He slashed national income. Now, having crashed the economy, we suddenly “cannot afford” new infrastructure, Social Security and Medicare as we have known them, or staff to adequately regulate consumer safety.

This fiasco comes courtesy of those who historically opposed Social Security, Medicare, and who continue to oppose the role of government as consumer advocate – the angry far right. Cathy supports the choices that brought us to this brink.

Larry Winters


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