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Sat., Aug. 18, 2012

No benefit from incumbent

It’s almost time for The Spokesman-Review to recommend we re-elect Cathy as our representative for the 5th Congressional District. Perhaps this time the editors could tell us specifically what she has done to help the district.

Ignore Cathy’s soothing platitudes. Never mind that she won’t discuss specifics. Her past votes tell the tale.

If you don’t mind inferior women’s pay for equal work performed, then vote for Cathy. If you don’t care about Americans who have inadequate health care, which includes veterans, again vote for Cathy.

If you think the government should control women’s reproductive matters, vote for Cathy. If you think the government should control corporate environmental pollution, vote for somebody else.

Do you believe the disproved fantasy that low tax rates for the rich create jobs, or that a good business leader who conceals his taxes would make a good government leader? Vote for Cathy.

Do you favor a belligerent foreign policy? Vote for Cathy. Do you support suppressing the votes of minorities? That’s another vote for Cathy.

Do you want to keep Social Security and Medicare as is? Vote for the other guy.

Now tell us, editors, how anything Cathy stands for can benefit our congressional district.

Lee Freese


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