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Plenty of compassion

In response to Kristen Michaelis (Aug. 11):

If the media had done their job, you and your friend would have known that on July 27, over 30,000 people from all over the U.S. gathered near Dallas (at their own expense) for a day of loving service to total strangers. They spent the day in the Texas heat working on homes, churches, nursing homes, parks and nonprofits. There also had been enough money raised to send out 12 trailer trucks, which they filled with food for food banks, homeless shelters, etc., in 12 cities. You can read about it on, search “Restoring Love.”

I absolutely agree with you that we need to follow God’s commands, but not just in the way that seems right to us. It is not loving to encourage people to indulge their sins. In dealing with the woman caught in adultery, Jesus told her not to continue in her sin. There was nothing hypocritical about Christians wanting to encourage Mr. Cathy. Sexual purity is a really big deal to God, and it needs to be the same for his followers. It is not hateful to take the same stand as God does in his word.

Judy Adams



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