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SUNDAY, AUG. 19, 2012

Budgeting help needed

The July 25 article, “State cuts food aid stipend,” was very interesting to me. Our family of three has a household budget of $350 monthly. The household budget covers housecleaning and laundry supplies, food for our dog, and food for three adults.

After purchasing cleaning supplies and dog food, I have between $300 and $325 for food to feed the family. This amount has not changed in many years, and any change is likely to be a decrease because housing, utility and other costs rise while our income remains stagnant.

Conversations with friends over the years have given me the impression that our household is not unusual in this area of budgeting. Yes, I shop carefully, but no one ever goes hungry and we even entertain on occasion.

Maybe some classes on cooking from scratch, buying store brands, shopping sales, checking clearance bins and couponing are in order for the families receiving food assistance.

Cheri Moore


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