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United we stand

Could we fellow, everyday citizens recognize this issue? Will we idle behind the media blitz, steered by powerful interests and zealots meddling in people’s private lives? Or can we demand that our representatives work together on their job; to do what’s best for all the citizens of our country?

Stop these mad wars on the other side of the globe. Use those resources for the good of the common American. Simplify taxes so all share the costs fairly and revenue covers what is needed for the public good. Provide some form of health care for those who need it that is not a health-for-profit industry. Educate our youth for the sake of all of our futures. Stop partisan scheming and get to work.

We are all in this together, no matter social status or ethnic group, if democracy fails. Our country was made by many different peoples coming together as one. Your fellow citizens who think differently from you are not your enemies. We can work together. We must work together. It is still true: United we stand, divided we fall.

John Barber



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State lawmakers want to create a legislative loophole in Washington’s Public Records Act. While it’s nice to see Democrats and Republicans working together for once, it’s just too bad that their agreement is that the public is the enemy. As The Spokesman-Review’s Olympia reporter Jim Camden explained Feb. 22, lawmakers could vote on a bill today responding to a court order that the people of Washington are entitled to review legislative records.