August 20, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Israel comments foolish


Mitt Romney obviously feels the need to kiss the feet of gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson after Adelson’s huge campaign donation, but he has thrown himself overboard by his remarks in Israel recently, and made a fool of himself before the world.

I don’t know that Romney is racist, but he is stupid to say that the difference between the Israelis’ and Palestinians’ living standards is due to the hand of providence and cultural superiority. Doesn’t he think that the occupation of Palestinian territory by the Israeli army and the vandalizing of Palestinian farms by hostile Jewish settlers have just a little to do with it?

The Palestinians aren’t the only ones who should be riled by Romney’s comments. His refusal to acknowledge the serious difficulties under which Palestinian businesses have been operating due to the occupation should make anyone question his ability to make any useful contribution to the cause of peace in the Middle East.

The Israelis must question his intelligence, the Palestinians his humanity, and U.S. citizens his judgment.

Marian Hennings


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