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TUESDAY, AUG. 21, 2012

No support for Shea

Republicans tend to vote based on character or a moral litmus test. However, Rep. Matt Shea (who serves the 4th District in the Spokane Valley) is failing in both areas.

He was involved in a road rage incident in which he pulled a gun. Whether laws were broken (and some were) is not as important as the fact that as an elected leader he exhibited such behavior and the fact that so much time has passed and his only response has been to defend himself as a victim and martyr “for his work,” even quoting a Holocaust survivor to rally support.

Republicans, this is bad. To claim that character matters so much and then look the other way or even defend Shea’s behavior, with the intent of spending money to preserve his seat in the Legislature, is hypocritical. Instead, he should apologize, own the consequences of his behavior, and resign. We shouldn’t tolerate that type of “character” in order to preserve a valuable seat in the Legislature.

Michael Cannon


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