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Big thinkers, not talkers

While over 58,000 of our fellow veterans were dying in Vietnam, Mitt Romney took four draft deferments. And with two Bush wars raging, the five young Romneys stayed home. What’s worse is that Mitt tried to equate his sons helping to elect a sleazy politician – Mitt – with our military service. Evidently, the Romneys’ idea of service is to serve themselves.

Mitt talks tough on the stump, but his alligator mouth and hummingbird butt sure make him a chicken hawk, like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

President Barack Obama dispatched Osama bin Laden, some of his henchmen, and some Somali pirates to hell, and helped topple Moammar Gadhafi with no loss of American lives. He got us out of Iraq and will get us out of Afghanistan on schedule. He kept us out of the Syrian cesspool and has handled Iran with diplomacy.

President Obama cares about our military and our veterans, and when it comes to committing our troops, it’s better to have a big thinker than a big talker.

Mike Dambra



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