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Bonds fund needed upgrades

As a homeowner, I know that as my home gets older, it is my responsibility to keep it properly maintained. I need to be sure that the furnace is functioning properly, the roof is not compromised, and the infrastructure can keep up with new technologies such as cable and digital internet services. It is expensive, but necessary, to maintain the safety and value of my home.

The Coeur d’Alene School District is faced with the same concerns when it comes to maintaining school facilities, but the school district must have community support via a bond election to address its needs. Several of our buildings are in dire need of maintenance and updated systems. Some of our schools are operating with antiquated heating systems that pose a safety hazard to students and staff. Wiring and electrical systems are inadequate to meet the demands of technology. Students are expected to walk across driveways and parking lots to get to class. Due to the fact that many of our schools were built prior to 1965, they do not comply with the Americans with Disability Act, and so are not easily accessed by all members of our community.

Our students deserve adequate, safe learning environments. They are counting on the adults in our community to provide safe, comfortable school buildings. Voters in the CdA School District have an opportunity to show their support for children this month. Let’s send them back to school with good news to start the school year. I urge you to vote yes on the bond election on Tuesday, August 28.

Nancy Bufalo

Coeur d’Alene


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