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Chip-sealing a boondoggle

The City of Spokane has decided to chip-seal the streets in the entire neighborhood south of Joe Albi stadium, west of Assembly Street. These streets have already been overlaid with asphalt once, for a total of four or five inches of asphalt. The problem is that these streets are all basically sound and not in need of repair; no big potholes or sunken areas. This area is an island unto itself and has no through streets, making it one of the lowest traffic volume areas in the city. If they did nothing to these streets they would look the same in 10 years. The cost of this project is $542,300. When we have so many streets that need repair, why are we spending this money on streets that don’t need repair?

If the city wants to test a new paving method why don’t they try a two-block test strip and see if the snow plows peel it off. If this turns out to be a mistake, will anyone be held accountable? Not likely. What usually happens is someone will get a promotion. I hope your car doesn’t fall into a big pothole on your street where the money should have been spent.

Rick Johnson

Retired Spokane street inspector


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