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GOP Medicare reform phony

Conservative commentators seem to write the same talking points using the same words. Our “representative,” Cathy McMorris Rodgers, does the same. Medicare is in the news these days thanks to Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who brought his mom out this weekend as proof that seniors are behind the Mitt Romney-Ryan ticket. Or is it the Ryan-Romney ticket. The script is regurgitated dutifully, using code words “individual choice” and “competition” to embrace a Republican voucher system to replace Medicare. They say it won’t impact seniors. I have children and grandchildren that will be impacted. I care about them.

Individual choice and competition means leaving it to giant corporations and their chief executive officers to solve our problems. After all, they have our best interests at heart. How has that gone for us lately? Corporations and CEOs like Romney have only one thing at heart: making money for themselves and rewarding those who give them money to play with. Think venture capitalists. Think Bain Capital. Think gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson. How will Adelson benefit from his support? How will Romney benefit, since we don’t know what he owns? What other secrets does Romney have that he doesn’t want us to know?

John Thielbahr



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