August 25, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

WikiLeakers expose U.S. crimes


As one who blew the whistle on top secret bombing in Laos during the Vietnam war, I support Julian Assange’s and Bradley Manning’s courageous exposure of U.S. crimes. Information in WikiLeak files demonstrates the depravity of Washington’s foreign policy. That Britain contemplates storming the Ecuadorian Embassy to arrest Assange indicates the depth and breadth of that depravity.

How tragic that in this era of U.S. warrior worship, true heroes like Assange and Manning are persecuted for deeds that merit the support of the international community. Fortunately, some disillusioned U.S. veterans now seem to recognize that war crimes, such as indiscriminate killing of Afghanistan civilians by drone strikes, is an evil that should end. Hopefully, they and members of the U.S. peace movement will eventually move vigorously and publicly against U.S. war criminals.

Richard Harger

Spokane Valley

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