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Bike riders don’t need parking

I understand why a grocer is hesitant to build within the Kendall Yards community due to the limited parking. However, the residents of Spokane need to use bicycles, buses and walking to improve the quality of life within Spokane County. Yes, the weather doesn’t always permit the use of bicycles and walking, but if those means of transportation were implemented, maybe a protected bicycle path could be designed.

And there is always the bus. Everyone is too dependent on vehicles, even me, but that’s something that needs to be changed. Think of the impact it would have on the quality of life if everyone chose to walk or ride at least one time a week instead of driving.

The way in which people are living needs to be changed gradually to improve the quality of life, and maybe having a grocery store that promotes walking, bicycles and buses could start that gradual change. We need to become healthier as a nation. Maybe for Spokane this would be a great start to a slow change in the right direction.

Raechel Chandler



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