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Guns prevent tyranny

In regards to Donald W. Daw’s Aug. 19 letter, “Rethink the Second Amendment,” I strongly disagree.

First of all, an AR-15 is not a military-grade weapon. They are cosmetic clones. They cannot fire fully automatic or in bursts. They are semi-auto firearms.

As far as our Founding Fathers were concerned, yes, they only had muskets and cannons, just like the British. Now we cannot fight as well (God forbid) against an aggressive power whether foreign or domestic because we the people are out-gunned. It wasn’t just our Founding Fathers that thought this way, but also more contemporary Democrats such as John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. Also our Founding Fathers, if you read history carefully, were more concerned about an overgrown tyrannical government more than they were of foreign aggressors.

I agree firearms, or for that matter pitchforks, knives, baseball bats, etc., are a scary thing in the hand of a dangerous felon or the insane, but they are needed to secure a free state and republic.

Mike Smith



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