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Take back Ann Romney

Ann Romney declares her desire: “It’s our turn now … we’re not gonna take it anymore … we’re gonna take back the White House!”

Take back the White House? From whom?

A president who stands up for our seniors, students, the poor? One who, on behalf of a grateful nation, aids our veterans in their time of need? One who champions middle-class families, the working men and women, the auto workers, and the hands ready to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure? Who fights for the fishermen, farmers and ranchers who feed America? Who goes to bat for the nurses, teachers, police officers and firefighters, working to preserve America, body and mind?

Ann Romney! What is it you won’t take anymore? A president who abides by that traditional American value of transparency? Who believes in helping people help themselves?

Ann, before you take over the White House, I suggest you ask the American people on Nov. 6 how they feel about it?

P.S. Last month, when I refilled my prescription medication, I paid $214 (after paying my monthly drug insurance premium of $41.90). On Aug. 13, I paid $115.40, as the new health care program took effect!

Halina Slobodow



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