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Independence trumps unity

Newsday columnist Anne Michaud laments (Aug. 18) that, after Paul Ryan joined the Republican ticket, Democrats began to point out his record of supporting legislation to oppress women. She says unity is more important in tough economic times. I disagree.

Women constantly have it drummed into our heads that we are not important, that our problems are trivial, and that we should pipe down while “real issues” are debated. To me, it’s in exactly these tough economic times that women most need to demand our place at the table.

Women should not be expected to give up the freedoms won by the struggle of our mothers and grandmothers because something else is more important. Nor should blacks be expected to back down on voter rights or Hispanics on immigration.

True unity means all citizens can bring up and debate the issues that matter most to them. We should not all have to focus on only one issue that happens to top a poll.

Deborah Fredericks



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