August 31, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

School bonds too burdensome


I have always voted for school bonds. Now I have a problem. How can I keep voting for something that helps place such a burden on families and some elderly individuals that I know live on $10,000 to $15,000 a year Social Security or job income? Where are they going to get their share to finance school superintendents to the tune of $240,000 a year? And to pay for new schools. And send any children they may have to school?

It is evident that the people setting this salary – and some of the other high salaries listed in The Spokesman-Review the other day – have no regard for the general public. I understand that giving a coach over $1 million a year is all right because a part of it comes from old grads. If all this money is available, why not pay a decent wage to superintendents, coaches, and attorneys, and use the rest to help those less fortunate.

But then, I realize I am just day dreaming. One thing I do know: I have to change my habits of always voting yes for schools. Sorry kids, the greedy ones have finally put you down.

Lyle Crafton


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