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Atheists ruining Christmas

Atheists, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are having our Nativity scenes destroyed or forbidden. Christmas trees are now called “holiday” trees. Even workers in our stores are supposed to say “happy holidays” not Merry Christmas! I remember Christmas break in school, not winter break. Some courthouses and parks and public lands are forbidden to put up any decorations that portray the reason for our celebration. I read about lawsuits and demonstrations that want our traditions stopped.

Because of our great country, you have the right not to believe in God. But, you do not have the right to change how we celebrate.

If you are so against Christmas and what it stands for, then why do you celebrate it? Why do you decorate your homes and put up Christmas trees? Why buy gifts and say Merry Christmas in the morning to your children?

If you truly do not believe, then exercise your right not to and stop. Refuse pay for the day off and return gifts given to you. Don’t send Christmas cards and return any you may receive. This would say more about your beliefs than trying to stop ours.

Debra Beyer

Spokane Valley


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