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Hamas is to blame

Reference the Nov. 23 Amy Goodman column. What a nonsensical piece of propaganda by this other-galaxy writer. There can be one-sided and two-sided conversations. Hers is propaganda akin to Josef Goebbels.

One of her contacts moans that all she wants is for the shelling and the bombing to stop. Duh! All Gaza needs to do is to quit sending rockets into Israel. Israel does not strike except in retaliation. Goodman asserts that Gaza is occupied. Not true. There is no Israel Gaza occupation. The only occupier is the terrorist organization Hamas.

There is a blockade at seas to stop the import of more rockets, 1,500 of which were fired into Israel in this latest Hamas provocation. Check Google for the USA Today story on Gaza tunnels through which rockets that are used as offensive weapons are smuggled.

Hamas, which does not want peace and has vowed to kill all Jews or hurl them into the sea, does not want peace. After they won the Gaza elections, they have refused to hold more elections.

Why The Spokesman-Review has this, in my opinion, fringe columnist, is beyond my understanding. Goodman never has the news, only propaganda.

Jack Thompson



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