December 1, 2012 in Letters, Opinion

Rebuttal to class welfare


Lori Fritz (Nov. 25) raises the thorny issue of class warfare. Well, look who’s winning!

A recent book title hints at my point: “Pity the Poor Billionaire.” An absurdity, isn’t it? If all of us were playing with Monopoly money, we wouldn’t be discussing this issue, would we? Any loser could decide to walk away from the game; no penalty applied.

But who among the 99 percent thinks reality is so simple? What some reformers are no doubt thinking is, “keep the money, share the power (else share the money!).” I hark back to the financing of the last election. Doesn’t democracy suffer greatly with each $10 million donation?

The letter writer may feel she doesn’t have all the money she needs. I, for one, see evidence that the one percent shares that particular value. And, I don’t like the game of keep away, where the rules are obviously set by one side, and Mr. Big conducts a zero-sum game involving livelihoods and happiness.

Steve Johnston


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