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Huckleberries: Former Bronco goes back to Rocky Mountain ways

Sun., Dec. 2, 2012, midnight

Jake Plummer is back in Colorado, rekindling his love for football.

Last Sunday, New York Times reporter Hunter Atkins described the former quarterback’s retreat from the Denver Broncos and professional football this way: “A quarterback known for his daring decisions and scrambling abilities, Plummer moved away with his wife, Kollette, a former Broncos cheerleader, to a remote pocket of northern Idaho.”

That “remote pocket of northern Idaho” was, of course, Sandpoint.

Coeur d’Alene gets a brief New York Times shoutout for hosting a leg of the professional tour called Helluva Handball Bash. In October 2008, Plummer, a top-flight handballer, brought the tour to the Lake City.

Now, Plummer has a handball court 10 minutes from his East Boulder home – and his wife is near her family.

Recently, while standing in Times Square before doing a promotion for fantasy football, Plummer told the Times: “I’ve been – not irrelevant – but on sabbatical, out of the limelight. I’d like to get back into, well, not the limelight, but the game.”

Thomas Wolfe was wrong. In Plummer’s case, you can go home again.

Goodbye, Joe

David Bond, a longtime Silver Valley resident and former Spokesman-Review colleague, was among the many who grieved the loss of Enaville Resort (aka Snake Pit) owner Joe Peak on Nov. 24.

Bond remembers meeting Peak in 1979 after Peak and a business partner had bought the Enaville Resort from Josie Bates. Joe wanted to run a family business featuring good food. The partner wanted to operate it as a roadhouse featuring spirits.

Joe bought out the partner. And the rest is his-story.

Remembers Bond: “Joe knew every (fishing) hole on the North Fork, and everyone who lived ‘up the river,’ and was a message center for those without phones, which were very expensive back then. I never heard him cuss or have a bad word for anyone. And his Rocky Mountain oysters – ‘when the bulls cooperated’ – were superb.” (If you have to ask what Rocky Mountain oysters are, you haven’t eaten any.)


Poet’s Corner: “They could hike the prices/but people might holler,/so instead they just made/the boxes all smaller” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Breakfast Cereal”) … Huckleberries Poll: 80 percent of Hucks Nation opposes the practice by the sneaky Idaho Transportation Department to sell driver’s license and personal info to research companies. Even if it provides the state $5.4 million in revenue … Bumpersnicker (On a blue SUV with Shoshone County plates parked along the Coeur d’Alene waterfront near North Idaho College Monday): “Sorry I missed church; I’ve been busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian” … Last week, Facebook and the flu prompted Coeur d’Alene Councilman Mike Kennedy to mess with Robert Browning’s poem, “Home Thoughts from Abroad.” After dealing with an ongoing “Vomitpocalypse” on the home front, Kennedy Facebooked: “Oh to be in England now that Flu is here.”

Parting shot

In her kindergarten class in Coeur d’Alene last week, Jennifer Rude reports that her letter of the day was F.

Facebooks Jennifer: “We listed a bunch of words on the board that begin with ‘F.’ At the conclusion of the activity, one of my sweet kindergartners said, ‘Wow! That’s a lot of F-words!’ ” Superior F-words, I suspect, than you’ll find in some newspaper blog threads.

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