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Wildin Collection sheet music available online

Sun., Dec. 2, 2012

Here are seven of the pieces currently online in the Howard W. and Nancy A. Wildin Sheet Music Collection at the Foley Center Library at Gonzaga University (

“The Art of Making Love,” composer John A. Coleman, 1893. First line of refrain: “He’ll kiss you for a start and press you to his heart.”

“Because He Loves His Mother,” composer Monroe H. Rosenfeld, 1899. First line: “Round the fam’ly table chatting when the lights were dim and low.”

“Belle of the Forest,” composer William C. Wright, 1848. First line: “The sun is sinking, dearest, upon the blue hill’s breast.”

“A Bird from O’er the Sea,” composer C.A. White, 1880. First line: “I’ve listened for his coming step.”

“An Old Faded Picture,” composer Harry Earl Bradt, 1890. First line: “In an old dusty attic in the house where I was born.”

“Outcast,” composer J.J. Fritz, ca. 1893. First line of refrain: “I’m an outcast, an outcast, without a friend …”

“All at Home,” composer John Hugh McNaughton, 1872. First line: “Twill no longer be lonely when we are all at home.”

“Alley of Chestnuts,” composer Herman Bemberg, lyricist Harold Boulton, 1895. First line: “Down in the alley of chestnuts, little child Marjorie cries.”

- Mike Prager

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