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Tue., Dec. 4, 2012, midnight

Flunking Job Creation 101

The election is over. Virtually everyone who ran for office promised to create jobs. I am calling them out.

Several months ago, a small elite group succeeded in stopping a proposed building on the higher education campus. They claimed it was a valued historical building. An Oct. 31 Spokesman-Review article noted 35 such recognized buildings in downtown alone. I challenge all elected officials to get this project moving again. Let’s build a new, modern housing complex that will fit architecturally with other modern buildings in the complex.

Yes, Mayor Condon, City Council members, county commissioners and state officials, do what you promised. This project will create hundreds of jobs during construction, and hundreds more permanent jobs when completed.

Allow the University of Washington School of Medicine to become a reality and furnish housing to hundreds of students. The students, living just blocks from downtown, will bring new energy and money.

Finally, to the historical group, I say invite me to your next tea and crumpets meeting. I would like to bring some unemployed residents so you can explain how this old building trumps their livelihood to provide for their families.

Please order extra crumpets, these folks are starving.

Gary Webbenhurst


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