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What’s offensive about Jesus?

Debra Beyer (Dec. 1 letter) aptly observes how our society has become so obsessively bent on pandering to the whim of every malcontent within it who chooses to become offended over something. They go into an orbital spin at the mere mention or suggestion of God, Jesus or Christmas.

Tell me, anyone, what is offensive in the story of Jesus, his birth in a lonely stable, lying asleep on Mary’s lap, the Magi coming from afar (following yonder star) to do him homage, his early boyhood and young manhood, when he may well have visited India and dwelt among Brahmins, Hindus and Buddhists before returning to the Holy Land to commence his ministry, and, finally his lonely criminal’s death on the cross wherein his shed blood reunited us with a creator?

Yes, it might all be myth and fiction, but what sublimely beautiful and uplifting myth and fiction it is, to say nothing of the immensely rich body of art, literature and music built up upon the biblical personage of Jesus.

Dennis Roberts



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