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Jim Kershner’s this day in history

From our archives, 100 years ago

An angry, loud quarrel in a Spokane hotel room ended with the death of Mrs. Nono Hazen, 35. 

Her husband, Charles Hazen, was arrested pending the outcome of the investigation.

The coroner at first ruled that the death was the result of acute alcoholism. Mrs. Hazen had been treated for alcohol abuse several times before. However, police also found suspicious marks that indicated she had either been struck or injured herself in a fall. They also found evidence that she had used drugs.

Other residents of the hotel reported that they heard “screams and moans of agony” that night. Police believed that “a violent quarrel or some sort of debauch was in progress.”

Mrs. Hazen, in her dying moments, told the doctor that she and her husband were quarreling. But she made no accusation that he attacked her.

From the scandal file: Ross Brattain, chairman of the now-notorious “Spokane Diggin’s” show, pleaded guilty to charges of selling liquor without a license, maintaining a public nuisance and causing an immoral act.

He entered no defense and promptly paid the $150 fine.

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