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Sat., Dec. 8, 2012

GOP should work for 98 percent

The Geezers’ Old Party needs to put their big boy pants on and go to work for their constituents. All the time wasted trying to make President Barack Obama a one-term president can now be put to good use. You know, what they get paid for.

Instead of being right-wing whiners, why don’t they go to work for the 98 percent? That’s called the majority. Obama got into the most elite rich white boys club of all, and it’s time they got over it. Their policies and pandering were soundly defeated. The status quo? Passe. Don’t they get it? They still want to protect their 2 percent donors. Really?

The direction in which they have taken the Republican Party has been rejected by the masses. Here’s a chance to show they got that message, if they did. They don’t want to work together. They’re still pouting and posturing because they didn’t win. Shouldn’t they be working for us?

Kathy Wright


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